7 year old tri headed white male

Lucky's coat is has grown back after being shaved!


He's lost 36 lbs...look at him run!







Update for Louie (2/13/05)

Louie is looking for love!

Since coming to his foster home, Louie has had lots of new experiences. He has lost 40 pounds and is now a svelte 90 pounds (ok, so I'm big boned). He has been treated for and cured of mange. He has even been adopted out and returned because he didn't seem happy in his new, adoptive home.

So now Louie is looking for the perfect, love match! Although he adores children and is very gentle with them, Louie's first love is for older adults, particularly men. He is also very fond of kitties, and enjoys playing with and giving kisses to his feline, foster sister.

If Louie chooses yours for his forever home, you will be getting a wonderful boy who will devote his whole heart and soul to you. He is extremely smart and well behaved; walks perfectly on his gentle leader; sleeps in his crate at night; and never gets up on the furniture. 

Louie's perfect home would almost certainly include a mature man or a couple to whom he could give his love. He would also enjoy a friendly kitty or gentle dog to play with (optional), and the occasional visit from the grandchildren would be ideal!!.

Louie is being fostered in Milton, Wisconsin.