Issac  Adoped!!


  2 year old blue merle smooth male




Needs to be placed with a companion dogMust have a Fenced Yard

Isaac is a handsome, smooth coated, blue merle male.  He is about 18 months old, neutered, and up to date on all of his shots.  His smooth coat and unusual, blue merle coloring make him a real head turner!  Isaac gets along well with cats, loves other dogs, and would make a great companion for older children.  He knows a variety of commands including sit, down and shake.  He is housebroken and is working on perfecting his leash walking skills.
Isaac was surrendered by his owner because he was "too active in the house," and he does have LOTS of energy.  However, he is extremely smart and willing to please, and his combination of youth, energy and intelligence would make him a great candidate for agility training.  In fact, he is so agile that on one occasion he leaped a five foot fence!  Since coming to his foster home, however, Isaac has been content to frolic in the yard with his foster brothers and hasn't tried to repeat his fence leaping trick.
But Isaac is more than just a bundle of teenage energy.  He also has his sensitive side.  His foster mom sometimes takes him with her on a nursing home visit, and the usually boisterous Isaac becomes very gentle and calm around the elderly patients.  If his new, forever family wanted to continue such visits, it would be OK with Isaac!
Isaac would love a home that included another dog and possibly some older children.  He is friendly with both children and other animals, but his exuberance might make him a little rough for small children.  His home should include a fenced yard where he can run and play, but since he has been known to "leap tall fences in a single bound" he would need supervision in yards with shorter fences.  Isaac is a smart, loving boy who would really enjoy obedience or agility training to help him channel all of his youthful energy!
Isaac is being fostered in New Brighton, Minnesota.