10 year old sable male






Danny is a delightful, sable and white, ten year old, senior collie boy. He came to MWCR from animal control who found him wandering loose, a skinny, severely matted guy. He had to be shaved down, but he is now in the process of growing back his beautiful, full coat. He is also working on gaining some much needed weight, and in only two weeks has gone from 47 to 52 pounds.

But what Danny temporarily lacks in fur and pounds, he makes up for in fun and personality. His foster family includes children from his foster mom's day care group as well as other dogs, cats and even a parrot. And Danny loves almost all of them. He is great with all children (including an eleven month old); plays well with both the family puppy and a fourteen year old, canine, foster sibling; and even shares his food dish with the cats! However, Danny is not so sure about the parrot, and he has provided his foster family with lots of entertainment as he tries to figure out just what to do with this squawking feather duster. 

Danny is house trained and extremely well mannered. He never begs at the table, though he will politely accept a treat if it is offered to him. He is sweet, calm, good natured and, much to the surprise of his foster family, totally deaf. We don't know what caused Danny's deafness, but like so many other deaf dogs, Danny has adjusted beautifully to his disability. He understands and responds to hand signals and is very well behaved and obedient. Also, he sometimes has some stiffness and pain in his shoulder and right hip (probably the result of an unfortunate encounter with a car) and will occasionally need pain medication when that old injury is acting up. 

Danny is looking for a forever home in which to live out his retirement years. His gentle, affectionate nature makes him the perfect companion for adults, children, dogs, cats and maybe even a parrot. He will never be able to hear the sound of your voice, but he will recognize the love in your eyes. And nothing speaks louder than love.

Danny is being fostered in the Twin Cities area