5 year old Sable male



Buster and Billy the Kid in June 2005!

Buster in the middle


Bio for Buster (Update 10/22/04)

Just look at that face! Buster is becoming more handsome by the day as his fur continues to grow in. In addition, his foster mom reports that he is also growing in confidence as he settles into his foster home and interacts with his foster collie siblings. In fact, Buster is at his best when he has another dog to play with and chase and to help him work off his excess energy. For this reason, Buster will need a forever home that includes another dog.

Buster loves everyone and everyone he meets loves Buster. He is good with adults, children and other dogs. He does, however, have a strong "prey" drive which causes him to chase almost anything that moves: joggers, motorcycles, other dogs, bikers, etc. Because of this, it is essential that he be leashed around children on bikes to prevent possible accidents.

Buster's prey drive makes walking on a leash a challenge for him. Though he wants to please, all of his instincts are telling him to chase after that jogger or catch that motorcycles! He needs a firm, loving hand and lots of continued training to keep those instincts in check. He also needs regular off-leash exercise where he can run, chase and play with other dogs. His foster mom takes him and his collie siblings to the dog park every day to allow them all to work off energy and indulge their instincts to chase.

After his dog park exercise, Buster is a mellow and affectionate guy at home. He sleeps quietly on his doggie bed or in his crate (with the door open) and enjoys nibbling on a chew stick or squeaky toy. When his foster mom leaves the house, he is confined to one room with his collie siblings, but does not need to be crated. He loves to go for rides and behaves well in the car.

Buster is a wonderful companion and will make a great addition to any active family. His energy level and prey drive make him a good candidate for agility training or herding lessons, and this would be a terrific way for him to bond with his forever family. He will need a home with a fence and a doggie companion and most importantly a family who will provide him with lots of love and attention. 

Buster is being fostered in Minneapolis.