1-2 year old white male




Astro is a wonderful, three year old, neutered, white male.  He came to MWCR as a stray, so his past is something of a mystery, but we do  know that life on the streets left this handsome collie boy thin and lonely.  Since coming to his foster home, he has put on a couple of pounds and will soon be the strong, well nourished guy he is meant to be. 
Astro has made the transition from street dog to much loved, family dog quickly.  He is very well behaved and fully housebroken, and he gets along well with his new, foster, collie brother.  He is extremely affectionate, and is good with adults and older kids (age eight or more), but his vigorous style of play might be too much for young children.  His foster home doesn't include any cats, so it is hard to say how Astro would react to them. 
Astro loves his new life!  Having been homeless, he can really appreciate the joys of a soft sofa, a loving family and plenty to eat.  In fact, it will take him a while to fully realize that there will always be enough to go around.  He is a little "protective" of his food dish with other dogs, although he is not at all food aggressive with people.  He loves to give collie kisses and can't get enough attention and affection from his foster family.  When left alone outdoors, he barks at noises and much prefers to be indoors. ("Hey! I tried living outside, now I want to live inside!")  He knows the basic commands and walks fairly well on a leash, though he does tend to wander about during his walks.
Although Astro loves his foster home, what he really wants is a forever home and family of his very own.  He relishes human attention and could live quite happily as an only dog, although living with another, less dominant dog would be fine too.  A fenced yard is a must, since Astro will wander off in pursuit of squirrels, rabbits and adventure, if allowed to run free.  Most importantly, Astro needs a family to teach him that there will always be enough love and enough food, and that he will never be homeless again!


He is being fostered in the Milwaukee area.