7 year old tri headed white male









If anyone needs a truly tolerant Collie boy, Riley is the one. He has lived with other dogs, cats, and even birds, and he gets along with all of them. Riley is a sweet seven-year old who was debarked by his previous owner, reportedly because he lived in the city and had a loud, deep bark. He loves to play outside, he gets along with all the neighborhood children, and he is content to lie by his foster mom's feet for some relaxation. 

Riley is white with a tri-colored face. At 83 pounds, he is a big boy, but he still thinks he's a lap dog and has actually tried to sit in his foster mom's lap while she watches TV. He's very obedient, though, and understands "off" as well as other basic commands. He listens, too! 

When he walks on a leash, Riley pulls a bit, so he needs practice for that. He will play fetch--when he's in the mood--and because he likes to stay close to people, he is not a runner or wanderer. He likes cats, and he eats with the other dogs without any food issues. Riley is a 
wonderful Collie boy who will be an affectionate, loving companion.

Riley is being fostered in Kenosha, WI.