Titan - Adopted 7/10/03

Titan has been with my family since May 15th.  He came in full of ticks and matted pretty bad.

Titan was a stray and was close to being euthanized by Animal Control until MWCR volunteers rescued him.  He was diagnosed with Lyme disease, but it is curable with treatment, which he is currently undergoing.  He was so emaciated that his body was consuming muscle so he is working on regaining his strength and health in his foster home.

Titan came in at 48lbs and almost 3 weeks later he is up to 56.4lbs.  He is wiggling his tail know and giving kisses, both of which he just started to do early this week.  What an improvement.

He also goes to the dog park and doesn't need to be on a leash.  He will not run away.  I just need to be close by so that no other dogs jump on him.  He is still not up to speed.  He is under weight and still is slower getting up.  His back legs seem to be stiffer in the morning.  The Vet mentioned that Limes does affect the joints and once he is off the medication (3days) he is on for Limes he should improve and with time of course.

He just has taken to Greenies he enjoys chewing on them. He eats puppy canned food mixed with puppy hard food and eats every drop twice a day...  He was debarked by the previous owner.

Titan shows no interest in playing ball with the rest of the dogs.  I'm sure though in time he will.  Titan is so kind and gentle he doesn't care about the other dogs barking or doorbells ringing. He just goes with the flow.

He loves to curl up on my couch and sleep. He hasn't had any accidents either at night. He truly is the 'kindest" and "a whatever, I don't care dog". He is a very laid back kind of dog.

Titan is being fostered in Middleton, WI.


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