Sonny - Adopted 6/25/03

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This boy is a keeper!

Sonny (aka Schmoobie-Doo! because he looks a bit like a cartoon character with no fur) is a real charmer. Be careful or you'll fall for this cute sable boy too! Sonny is current on all of his shots, neutered and around 5 years old. He is housebroken, cat friendly and seems to have been an only dog, but gets along with other dogs pretty well.

Sonny was surrendered to a shelter in Minnesota by his owner. We don't have much background information on Sonny, but he apparently was so matted when he was brought to the shelter that he had to be shaved from head to the very tip of his tail. Brrrrrrr! His fur will grow quickly, but as a result will be an undignified Collie for awhile and he can't be outside for more than a few minutes at a time. He has been wearing a modified sweatshirt to help him stay warm. Although his lack of fur makes him look very puppy-ish, he will grow a beautiful coat over the next year. The fur on the top of his head is very soft and luxurious.

Initially, Sonny was frightened of the hardwood and linoleum floors in his foster home, but now seems to be taking that in stride. He has learned to do the stairs - and then practiced for about 20 minutes going up and down, up and down many times on his own... just to make sure. <wink> He hops up the steps like a bunny. It's pretty darned cute!

Sonny may not have lived with another dog as he doesn't really know how to play with them. Only once has he has attempted to mount my girl collies. Tasha has taught him some R-E-S-P-E-C-T! He would rather play with me than with the other dogs, but is coming around a bit. He barks at the other dogs as they play. He has a wonderfully rich baritone Collie voice. He doesn't seem very interested in toys, but is crazy for chew sticks.

Sonny is very affectionate, friendly and very outgoing. He walks very well on a leash, but will pull if he sees children or other dogs. He's quite tall and at 74 lbs. is very strong. The pads on his feet are quite soft, so I don't believe that he's used to daily walks, but he'd love to learn about them when he can be out longer in the cold. He is a snuggler and loves attention and to be petted. The commands he knows are: "sit", "down", "shake", "leave it" and "come". He is a very good boy. He'd like to curl up on your couch or bed if you will let him. He also loves to ride in the car. He sits up the whole time and looks out the window.

Sonny has not yet been officially tested with children, but wants to go near them on the briefs walks that he's had. Sonny, like many Collies, likes to nibble and mouth - he "herds" when feeling frisky in an affectionate manner - for sure he would not be a good match for a home with young children under 5 or 6 years old.

In brief, Sonny is perky, very loveable and sweet.

Latest updates from Sonny's Foster Mom:


March update: Sonny should be called Sunny because of his great disposition!


Sonny is ready to be adopted into a loving home. He is such a good dog! One of the easiest foster Collies that has been in my home. He wants to please and loves to be around people. He's very happy to follow me around the house and hang out where I am. Sonny LOVES to give big Collie smooches. His tail is almost always wagging; he's just naturally a very happy and affectionate guy. Although he still does not have the beautiful fur of a rough Collie (it's growing though!) it's promising to be a glorious coat. If the fur on his head is any indication, his fur will be a beautiful auburn color with darker tipping.


Sonny can be very active, but he is also extremely content to nap or calmly observe whatever I am doing. He truly is a great dog. I can't imagine why anyone would give him up! He's very happy to go for walks, enjoying all of the wonderful scents and marking every tree and bush. He also enjoys going to the dog park. He now understands when his affectionate nibbles and nips need to stop with a "no bite" command. The nibbles are very playful and affectionate though. Not a aggressive bone in his body. He loves everyone he meets and is very social. He is so good with the kitties too. They walk underneath him and he is not bothered at all.


Although Sonny is very happy in his foster home, he really wants to find a "forever home" to call his own. I will have some new pictures later in the week.



Sonny now looks like Fozzie Bear on The Muppets (am I dating myself by saying that?) He's very fuzzy all over. Cute, cute, CUTE guy!


Sonny LOVES kids, but because he's so mouthy should not be adopted into a family with kids under 10 years old. When he's feeling frisky he's so full of joy that he gets very nippy and likes to bite mittens or leashes or sleeves. He was so happy to meet a little boy that he just jumped up to smother his face with big sloppy kisses - the boy was about 10 and dog friendly so he just laughed. Sonny is a very tall and lanky boy - 26 inches at the shoulder.


Sonny also loves being around other dogs at the park. He's so very happy to be able to be out and running around with the other dogs. When we go out to the car he stands at the door to hop in because he knows we are going to the park. Sonny runs around greeting everyone when we get to the park. He is just an absolute love! My Tasha has taught him how to play and romp and he's having a blast at my house. He would love to be with another playful dog. He's also very happy merely to hang out with a good chew stick. He likes to cuddle on the couch too. He really is a fabulous Collie boy. Everyone who meets him comments on how very cute and nice he is.


Also, Sonny likes to "herd" the vacuum cleaner!



Sonny has passed a major test.  Now that it has warmed up, he's been going to the dog park.  He's been great.  Loves visiting with people, getting petted and chasing other dogs.  (still hasn't really been around children)  He's got fairly good recall too.

He's quite a guy!  Everyone thought he was great.


 Sonny was fostered in Minneapolis, MN.


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