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  McKenzie and his 16 year old little buddy, Clancy  

McKenzie is a 1 year old Sable/Copper male Collie.  He is on the smaller size with a current weight of 47 lbs. and will trim out between 50-55 lbs.

McKenzie is making slow progress and is still fearful of humans.  Especially female humans.  He continues to try to come close but then will speed back into his crate at the slightest noise or quick movement.  At times he is very affectionate.  He will wag his tail and give you kisses for the longest time, but later it is difficult to get close to him because he will scurry away from you and retreat to his crate.  He still will only eat in his crate.  At least he is eating and has a good appetite.

He loves the other 2 Collies & 2 cats and plays with them more and more.  Because McKenzie is so fearful of humans, it will probably be best that he be adopted to a family that already has a well adjusted dog as a companion.  Still no accidents or chewing incidents  in our home.

McKenzie demonstrates fear-barking and is still afraid of the lead and going to new places.  He is getting better on lead.

We do see progress and hope.  He wants so badly to accept us and we are still taking small baby steps with him.

McKenzie is currently not available for adoption so please check back for more information.  We will keep updating McKenzie's  bio as we get to know him better.

Latest updates from McKenzie's Foster Mom;



McKenzie continues to make progress each day in overcoming his fear of people.  He is still especially apprehensive when he is near female humans but he is improving.


Because of his tremendous fear issues, we must consider McKenzie to be a Special Needs Collie.  He will need to go to a family that is experienced in training and understands the exceptional amount of patience and kindness that is required for him to overcome his fear of people.  He will need a quiet home with no small children.


Hi is spending less time in his crate and ventures out to explore the house more often.  Usually he comes looking for his foster mom or dad.  Of course, his crate continues to be his "safe place".


Now that Spring is coming to the North country, McKenzie doesn't want to go outside very much during the day.  He is hearing all kinds of new sounds and they have frightened him.  Eagles and Herons when they screech and squawk, and the singing of migrating birds who frequent our feeders.


McKenzie is now 15 months old and is in the adolescent stage of development.  He has blown his coat and that is unusual for this time of year.  Several other MWCR members report their Collies too, are blowing their coats due to the unseasonable weather.



McKenzie was neutered on 2/10/03 and healing nicely.  In the last week, he has had the courage to eat his meals outside his safety haven (crate) but with his hind legs still remaining inside his crate.


Hooray!  Mackie ate his dinner tonight entirely outside of his crate!


We have seen some major progress within the last 2 weeks with Mackie.  He has ear movement recognizing words and commands.  Mackie is a smoocher.  We are still unable to pet him outside of his crate.  He now does not turn his head away when looking at him or speaking to him.  His fear barking and nipping have ceased.


Mack will smooch, enjoys a good "lovin'" and grooming while he is "safe" being in his crate or another haven that has been created for him in our home computer room.


Mack is interacting more with our own 2 female Collies; learning to play, run, carries stuffed toys around and enjoys tug-o-war with them.  It is becoming very apparent that McKenzie will need to be placed in a home that already has a well adjusted dog for a companion.  He needs these social times with our Collies so he can enjoy his little life.  He still is apprehensive of humans when they want to play with him.  He is not fearful of his foster parents when we approach him in his safety havens.  Mack wants to be in the same room with his foster humans.  He is a little shadow.


On McKenzie's surgery day, we drove over to the Vet's office.  Trying to get him out of his crate and into our vehicle was quite a feat.  We carried him directly into an exam room entirely covered in a blanket so he could not see that his environment changing so drastically.  Our Vet elected to mildly sedate him prior to his pre-surgical exam and lab work as he was very stressed.


Mackie is absolutely adorable.  He is very soft-mouthed and gentle.  With the significant progress that he has made in the last 2 weeks, hopefully soon he will be searching for his "Forever Home and Family".


We live "a cornfield away" from our Vet's office.  On his recheck for his "snip-snip" surgery, with some coaxing, he walked over to the office and right in the front door!!  He has a wonderful gait and prance when he forgets about his fears.  His head is up and his tail is high, enjoying all the things a Collie enjoys.


Mackie's new weight is 47 lbs and should trim out between 50-55 lbs as an adult.  He will not be a very large Collie boy.

McKenzie's Journal

Day One, April 12, 2003

My Foster Parents took me for a long car ride today.  I was good!  I didnít get sick or anything!  Mom and Dad took me to a new place.  They told me I was being adopted by new people who love me very much.  I hope thatís true, Ďcuz that will mean I have four parents that love me. 

When we got there, I met my new people again.  I think they are nice.  They took us to the back yard.  Itís big, and itís got a big fence.  Iíll be able to have a lot of fun running around back here with my two new dog pals, Molli and Rowdi.  Then we went in the house.  Itís big, too!  We looked in all the rooms downstairs and I found some good hiding places. 

Then we went up to the next floor, where my people spend most of their time.  Itís where the food is.  They have a doggie house just like mine.  And they say this one is mine.  My Foster Mom brought some of my blankets and toys and put them in my new doggie house.  Now itís really feeling like home.

We all talked for a while, and my Foster Mom and Dad said good-bye.  I love them very much, and I hope they will come and visit me.  Then my new Mom and Dad showed me the rest of my new home.  I found lots more good hiding places.  This will be a fun game.  They made me a nice padded area where they sleep.  Itís nice, and I can be by them at night.

After I rested for a while, we went out to the yard again, to explore.  I met my neighbor, Amy.  Sheís a nice lady who says I am very pretty.  Mom and Dad took me and Molli and Rowdi for a walk down to the end of my new street.  I got to look around, and I got to meet more people.  There was a little girl that was very nice.  She petted me and hugged me.  One of the people came along with a really small dog.  I think they called in a Miniature Pinscher.  I decided to be real good and show all of them how friendly I can be.

In the evening I ate just a little bit (I made Mom feed me by hand).  We watched television in the room with the big TV.  I found a spot to lie down right next to Dad.  When it was time for bed I told them I would feel safest in my doggie house.  But then I cried until Mom came and slept where I could see her.  That felt safer.  All in all, not a bad day.

Day Two, April 13, 2003

We got up early to have the whole day to get to know one another.  Mom made me and Dad some popcorn so that we could watch some of the races on TV.  Mom went shopping (I hope she got me lots of treats.  Dad says treats are really good things).  Dad tried to teach me about some of the different kinds of cars and tell me who some of the drivers are. Boorrinnnnggg! 

I talked Dad into taking me out in the yard.  I got to spend about an hour just learning some of the new smells and noises around here.  While we were out there, a whole bunch of really noisy things went by on the street down the hill.  Dad said they were motorcycles and he said he counted more than two hundred of them.  Then the man who lives behind us got on his big motorcycle and rode away.  I wasnít scared at all. 

In the evening, we went for a big walk, all the way around the whole neighborhood.  Itís a little scary, but I stay REAL close to Dad (he calls it crowding), and I felt safe.  This place sure has a lot of neat smells and things to look at.

Mom and Dad have started calling me Kenzi.  They say my name will always be Father McKenzie.  Actually, they are calling me Kenzi, Mac, and even Freckles.  I decided that my new name is OK, and it sounds different from the names of my new pals.

When it was bedtime, we went upstairs and I went to my new bed in the corner.  But then, I thought it would be better if I just climbed up on the people bed with everyone else.  Itís very comfortable, but itís awfully small for all five of us.  After a while, I went down to my doggie house for the night, and took Mom with me.

Day Three, April 14

This was a scary day.  Mom and Dad both had to leave so they could go to work.  It wasnít so bad though.  Mom came home at lunchtime, just to give me some loves and make sure I was okay.  Oh yeah Ė she checked up on my other two pals, too.  Iím not sure where I fit yet.  I think Iím supposed to be most important, but Dad says, no, he is.  And then he says something about Mom and then Molli and then Rowdi.  After Mom left to go back to work, Dad came home almost right away.  We all went out in the yard for a while and played and then Mom came home too and we all played more. 

Iím getting more and more used to my new home and Iím getting more and more comfortable.  Iím getting along better with Rowdi and Molli.  We havenít had any fights.  Some of the other things that scare me are getting better too.  Mom and Dad have been leaving the door open on my doggie house, except when they are gone and at bedtime.  I can come and go when I want, so Iím not spending much time in there.  I just follow Dad and Mom around the house and lie down near them when they sit.  But they also spend a lot of time on the floor with me.

At bedtime, we went up and I jumped right up on the people bed.  It sure is comfy.  But then I went down to my doggie house.  Mom says she might even get another doggie house for me to keep upstairs with them.  That way I can watch them and keep them safe all night.

Day Four, April 15

Dad stayed home with me today.  Weíre just hanginí out together.  We spent some time working on my Journal and Dad spent some time doing his work job on the computer.  He says he can do just about everything at home that he does at his office.  Then we spent some time out in the yard with my two pals, still just getting acquainted.  Iím learning how to relax more and trust Dad and Mom.  It sure seems like they love me a lot.  They are always talking to me and teaching me new things.  It makes me feel safer. 

Mom and Dad went out to dinner today, to celebrate their first anniversary in this house.  And on the way home, they bought me a new doggie house to put upstairs.  Itís just like my other one, so now I have a place to spend the night close to them, so I can watch and protect them at night.  They donít know, yet, but I really plan to sleep on the bed with them and Molli and Rowdi. 

After Mom and Dad got home it started raining outside.  And then there were real loud boom noises.  Mom says that its something called thunder, and she says it wonít hurt me.  I wasnít scared at all (except maybe once, when it boomed real loud).  It wasnít so bad though.

Day Five, April 16

Didnít have a real busy day today.  It started raining yesterday and it didnít stop all day today.  Because itís raining, we havenít been able to go for our neighborhood walks, so I havenít been able to meet any more new people.  But Dad says weíll walk tomorrow.

Since I moved here, I havenít felt very much like eating or drinking.  Momís been making me my food the way I like it, but Iíve only picked at it.  Today, I finally decided I should eat.  So I surprised Dad.  I tried a couple bits of Molliís food.  It was good, and it was fun to crunch it.  Dad gave me a bowl of my food and let me crunch it.  When it was gone Mom gave me seconds, and I cleaned my plate.  Then Mom gave me a real big helping, and I cleaned my plate again.  Mom gave me some yummy Cottage Cheese for dessert, and then I drank and drank and drank.  To celebrate, Dad gave me one of my special biscuit treats.  Molli and Rowdi get little pieces of liver once in a while.  I tried one and it is really good.  I hope I get more.  Dad says liver treats are for very special times.

Day 6, April 17

Dad took me for a long walk today, to make up for the rainy days.  He promised that we would go for walks every day.  Thatís good, because I can start teaching Dad about Obedience Ė how he is supposed to walk with me and stuff.

Mom and Dad took me and Rowdi for a car ride after supper.  It was really fun.  I showed off by jumping right in, and then I sat up and watched out the windows.  We went to a place that had a lot of other dogs and people.  Mom told me that this is Rowdiís dog school.  I got to watch Rowdi and the other dogs teach their moms and dads how to do stuff.  I was a little nervous at first, but the other dogs were all friendly and nice to me, so I sat right out there and watched.

Mom says tomorrow I get to go for another car ride.  I wonder where we are going. 

Day 7, April 18

Today I got to go for my second car ride.  I jumped right in.  Mom and Dad took one of the seats out in the middle of the van and made me my own place to sit.  I get to lie down if I want, or I can sit up and look out the windows.  Itís fun to see stuff.  Mom took me to my first visit to Dr. Dan.  She says Dr. Dan has been their doggie doctor for 18 years and that heís really nice.  Iím not sure though.  I liked everyone there except Dr. Dan.  Iím not so sure about him, but Iím willing to give him another chance.  When I got there, I stepped right up on his scale.  Mom says I weigh 49.1 pounds.  I wonder what a pound is.  It must be something good though, Ďcuz Mom was really happy. 

April 19

It was a rainy day, so we all stayed at home.  Iíve lived here a whole week now.  Itís not so bad.  Mom and Dad spend a lot of time with me, and I really am getting used to Rowdi and Molli. 

April 20

Mom says this is something called Easter.  I donít know what that is, but itís okay because Mom and Dad played with me a lot.  Dad and I watched another race on television.  Iím trying to learn the names of all the drivers, but itís hard because they are from all over the world.  Dad says the race we watched is called Formula One.  After that we went for a walk.  Iím still learning about my new neighborhood.  Dad says that whenever I am outside and not in our backyard, I have to wear one of these leash things.  Itís okayÖ I donít think I need to run away.  I think I like it here.

April 21

Dad went to Texas today.  He told me I would have to keep track of my days so when he comes home we can put more stuff in my Journal.  Maybe Dad will teach me how to use the computer.  Then I wonít have to wait for him to come home.

Mom went to work all day.  It was my first real long day alone.  It was okay, though.  After Mom got home we went for a walk.  These walks are fun.

April 22

Mom went to work all day again.  I miss Dad, but itís okay with just Mom.  Iím trying to be real good.  I am eating all my food twice a day.  Sometimes I take a while to get started, but the food is good and Mom usually sits with me while I eat.  Usually Rowdi watches me too.  I clean my bowl Ďcuz I know if I donít, Rowdi would probably help me.

After supper, I got to meet my cousin Kris.  I like Kris.  Her hair is the same color as mine so we match.  We played and then we went for a walk.  Mom says Kris is a new Doctor.  She is just finishing school and going off to her first doctor job.  I hope she comes to visit again, real soon.

April 23

Iím getting used to Momís schedule, but I sure wish Dad would come home.  I surprised Mom by eating both my breakfast and dinner with no problems.  I just ate right up.  I even walked across the tile to get to the water bowl.  I guess itís not so scary after all.  Maybe I wonít make Mom bring the water to me any more.  After supper we went for another walk.

April 24

Hurray!  Dad came home.  Now I can show him how good Iíve been and how much Iíve learned.  I am sure glad to see him.

Day 14, April 25

Same old stuff happened today.  Dad came home from work early so we could spend some extra time together

April 26

Mom and Dad took me to a real neat place thatís just for me.  Itís a place called PetSmart.  I got to walk around with them and meet some people and some other dogs.  I got two new collars of my very own.  They are just like the ones that Rowdi has.  A lady tried to give me a treat, but her hands smelled funny, so I wouldnít take it.  Later, when we left the store, there was a little kid crying.  I didnít like that at all.  It made me real nervous.  But when we got in the van, it was okay.

April 27

I watched racing with Dad today.  By the way, I walked to the water bowl on my own, for the first time.  Now I can drink whenever I want.

April 28

After supper we went for our daily walk.  At the end of our street I met a nice couple.  They have two gray furball dogs who like to bark at me.  I like the man and the lady.  They have done dog rescue with furball dogs (Keeshunds).  I hope I get to see them again.

April 29

It rained.  I stayed inside.

April 30

It rained more.  I donít like the rain.

May 1

After I ate my supper, I got to go with Rowdi to his puppy school.  Tonight was his graduation test after his eight week long class.  He did pretty good!  He finished third and there were thirteen dogs in his class.  He got a ribbon and an award and a big treat.  Iím proud of my big brother!  I got to help him with the treat.  Rowdi says heís going on to the next class.  Itís eight weeks, too.  Dad says heís going let me go to the beginnerís obedience class too.  I wonder if I can teach Dad about obedience in only eight weeks.  Itíll probably be fun trying, and maybe we can get a ribbon too.  I also got to see my new friend, Augie.  Augie is an Australian Shepherd who lives real close to us.  His Mom has horses.  Whatís a horse?  I want to go see them.  Mom and Dad know Augieís Mom because she is the office manager at the HRB tax place.  Augie graduated too, but he didnít get a ribbon.  Only four of the dogs did. 

When we got home, Rowdi and I went for a walk with Mom and Dad.  I got to see my new friends, the furballs again.  They still like to bark at me

May 3

Mom and Dad left early today, but when they came home, they had a surprise for me.  They brought me my pink pillow.  Itís my favorite.  I like to lie with my head on it.  Mom said that they went to the Scottish County fair and got to see my Foster Mom and Dad and some other Collie Rescue people and some other Collies.  They also brought me some boxes that when you shake them, they rattle in a special way that tells you thereís something good inside!  Yum.  Itís my favorite treats.  I sure hope I get to see my Foster parents again.  They were really nice to me.

Because it was another nice day, we all went for another walk.  Dadís getting better about heeling, but he still needs a lot of work.

May 7

It was a sunny day today, so I got to go for a nice walk with Dad.  When we got back Mom was walking all around the back yard with some noisy thing that made my grass shorter.  I have to be very careful around Molli for a while.  She is wearing this big white plastic thing around her neck.  Mom says that Molli went to see the eye doctor to have an operation that will help her see me.  Mom says Molli has been almost blind with something called cataracts.  Boy will she be surprised when she sees how big and handsome I am!

May 10

Mom and Dad took me and Rowdi to the Hoofer/Woofer at the Minnesota Zoo.  I saw lots of other dogs and lots of people.  I got to meet a lady named Joanna Yund, who showed us how her two dogs can herd a flock of ducks around.  It was funny.  One of the ducks almost got away, but when she saw that she was surrounded by a lot of other dogs, she decided to go back and play with Joannaís dogs. 

May 12

Wish me a Happy Anniversary!!!

 I have been with my forever parents for a whole month, today.  I am teaching them a lot of good stuff.  Dad didnít come home at his usual time today.  Mom says he had to go to Washington, DC, to do something important.  I hope that means he will bring me presents.

May 14

Dad came home from his trip today.  He was gone for two days.  Boy, was I glad to see him!  My tail was going so fast that my whole body was shaking, even before he let me out of my kennel.  Then I ran over to him, and gave him lots of kisses and loves.  I jumped up and sat on the couch with Mom for the first time ever.  It was so comfortable that I had to keep trying it, again and again.

Oh, yeah.  Molli went to the eye doctor today and came home without the white neck thing.  If sheís good and doesnít scratch her eyes, she doesnít have to wear it any more.  She can see now.  Iíve seen her watching me.

Iím eating real good.  Iím eating two cups of food in the morning and in the afternoon.  Most of the time, I just gobble it down.  I get to go to see Doctor Dan again soon, to get another shot and get weighed.  Dad and Mom are helping me get up to the weight that I should be, for my age.  They keep asking me what Iím going to look like when my coat grows back.  I just say Iím going to be very handsome, and all the girls are really going to like me!

Iím not doing so well keeping my journal up to date every day, but I promised Dad that I will keep putting my highlights into it, so everybody can see how well I am doing.

May 17

I had a big day today.  Mom and Dad took me back to see Doctor Dan today.  He still looks scary with his white coat, but I guess heís okay.  Doctor Dan had one of those things with the big needle, but if he stuck it in me, I never knew it.  He must be pretty smart.  They had me stand on that big black thing they call a scale, and guess what!  I weigh 52.2 pounds.  Dad says I really look fit, and Iím getting close to my target weight, 55 pounds.

After we got home, Molli and Rowdi and I took Mom and Dad for a long walk.  Molli slowed us down.  She got out of shape after her eye operation, but sheís getting better, and her eyes look pretty good.  Now that she can really see me, she doesnít bother me so much.  I think the three of us are getting to be real friends.

May 26 

Today, my cousin, Dr. Kris, came to visit me again.  I really like her, but I was kind of shy.  But that was okay.  She got right down on the floor and played with me.  I hope I get to go visit her some day.  But Mom says she lives in a far-away place called Milwaukee.  Thatís where the hospital is that she practices being a Doctor at (you like my grammar?).

May 29

Today was a special day for me.  Dad and I went to my first day of dog training today.  Because Iím so good, and so mature, the teacher let us start Ė even though tonight was actually the third night of a new class.  The teacherís name is Lois, and she was pretty scary at first.  She tried to bribe me with a treat, but I fixed herÖ I wouldnít take it from her.

Dad is going to start teaching this class, so he and I listened very carefully to everything Lois said.  I got to show off at first, Ďcuz my heeling is already pretty good and I try to remember to sit every time we stop.  Tonight we learned how to do ďabout turns.Ē  That just means we turn around and go the other way.  Then we learned how to do stays Ė both sits and downs.  The last thing we tried tonight is called a recall.  Thatís where Dad leaves me at one end of the room, walks to the other end, and then calls me.  We did it twice, and I went to Dad both times.  He said he was really happy and Lois said I did a real good job.  She gave me another treat, and this time I took it from her and ate it.  Ainít I fickle?

June 12

Today is my second anniversary.  I have been with my forever parents for two whole months.  I still have my good days and my bad days, but Iím pretty much a happy guy.  Tonight Dad and I went to our third obedience class.  I like it there.  I try to show Dad and Mom how much by really wagging my tail, and holding it way up high.

Molliís eyes are getting better all the time.  I can look into them and see way inside.  She has really deep brown eyes.  She doesnít run into things any more, and she has lots of fun when she goes for walks with the rest of us.

June 14

Boy, was today a big day for me!  Mom and Dad took me on my longest car ride since my Foster Mom and Dad brought me to my forever home.  I still like car rides.  I can sit up and look out all the windows on my trips.  Itís fun to watch the world go by.

We were riding for a long time, and we got to a place where Dad stopped in the shade.  I looked out the window, and who did I see?  My Foster Mom and Dad, Vickie and Tom, with my old friends Jess-E and Penny Lane!!!  Boy was I excited!  I couldnít wait to get out of the van and run to them to say hi.  Then we went in to a place that was all fenced in, so I could run free.  I investigated for a while, but I felt more comfortable staying close to Dad and Mom.  There were animals on the other side of the fences.  Dad explained to me that they are called wolves.  He says wolves are really closely related to us Collies.  I especially liked the one with only three legs.  I watched him for a long time.  I didnít know there were dog animals with only three legs.  Iím glad Iíve got four.  There were lots of other Collies there with us.  Dad said he saw at least thirty of us.  I met lots of them, like Sergeant Pepper, Cassidy, Sonny, Everest, Persy, Daisy, Roman, Ernie,  and lots more.  There was even a very short black one and one with real curly brown hair.  I didnít know we Collies are so varied (Heh Heh).  All in all, it was a really fun day, and boy did I sleep good that night.



 McKenzie was fostered in Chetek, WI.


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