Luke - Adopted 7/12/03

Post-Adoption Update: January 2, 2010 Luke is getting up there in his years now, and I want to share a recent photo and tell† all of you what an absolute joy and love he is †to our family.†† His having come from a neglectful situation meant it took a little time, some patience, lots of love from his people and the love and understanding of another collie to help him understand trust and what being loved and part of a family was all about. †Iíll tell you, as he sleeps on our couch, he gets it! :)† †I am thankful to God each and every day for what Luke has given us and has taught us and the people we have met because of him.†

† Thank you to all of the MWCR people for giving these wonderful dogs a second and sometimes third chance at a full and loving life.

† One of my wishes for 2010 is that there is an abundance of loving homes for the collies of MWCR and other rescue organizations throughout the country.†† ††††

† Best Wishes for the New Year,
Luke's Family

Luke is a 5 year old sable and white male.  He was an owner surrender, but came in with
another dog.  They lived in filth in a small outdoor pen and came to us terribly matted and covered in feces.  A very kind and generous groomer has helped make Luke all pretty, but it was necessary to have patches shaved off from him (especially on his underside) where the mattes were too thick to brush out.  Luke has been neutered since coming into rescue.  He is very smart and can open gates!  He is learning to be an indoor dog.


Luke is current on his shots.  Luke weighs in at 66.5 lbs, and is average height.  He is so easy going and loves attention.  Because his previous owner didn't take the time with him, he does not know any commands nor had he been on a leash.  He is now doing good on the leash - a faster learner!  We are working on sit and down, so more training will help.  He is doing fine indoors, which he now prefers.  He loves raw hides.  He pretty much ignores the cats.  Our dogs and Luke try to start barking protest but are quickly stopped.  He is just so happy the he gets some attention that I think he would do anything for anyone.  He was never in a car, but does great.  He adapts to any situation that has been presented to him so far.  One of our dogs is on medication so everyone profits from this, he just loves cocktail hot dog hour.


Luke is being fostered in Minneapolis, MN.