Kaila - Adopted 10/03



Kaila is a tri, smooth coated, spayed female collie.  Kaila will be 9yrs old right before Christmas, 2003.  She is fully vetted, healthy, heartworm negative and on a preventative. 

Kaila is a very sweet and loving senior collie.  She gets along with other dogs, cats and children.  She has good house manners, is housebroken and is very well behaved. We would recommend older children around Kaila, due to her senior age. We would like a fenced in yard for Kaila, however, an exception can be made as Kaila is very good off leash with supervision. If no supervision is offered, Kaila will take a walk all by herself ;)  She is a good listener, but I believe due to her age, she can't hear well a distance from home.  She will bark to tell you what she needs and can be comical with her 'talking'.  It is simply cute when she decides to tell you the way things should be <wink>.

Also due to age, Kaila has some arthritis in her back legs and will require a one level home. (or a home with very little steps that she will have to manage).  Kaila is currently on Deramaxx, a pain medication, to ease the pain of arthritis. The medication has brought out the puppy in her, as she has shown many times that she can be playful and frisky :)  She is also on a weight loss program, to help the arthritis (she is a bit overweight).   Also, we have placed Kaila on a special food diet, a fish and potatoes type of kibble. Upon her intake into our rescue program, Kaila had a very dry, thin outer coat and oily under coat.  The new food brought upon balance and her coat is growing out beautifully ;) 

Kaila loves going on walks and she loves it when we initiate activity.  She does sleep a lot these days, but if you bring out the leash and tell her it is time to go 'out' - she is rearing to go. She is a very special collie and a wonderful companion. 

October update on Kaila

Kaila came to us in an unhealthy manner, which she has been improving each day wonderfully.  Kaila's family divorced, so Kaila came to live with us as an MWCR dog.  Her coat was thin, balding -she has scabby scales (oily skin) all over - what coat was there, was like a brillo pad.  She was very overweight, could hardly move due to arthritis and basically her digestive system was way off track.    At the time of intake, I didn't really know to what extent Kaila was 'unhealthy' - so we started from the beginning, to rehab this girl with hopes of a wonderful future.  I had my doubts, as Kaila was looking really bad.  Her depression really did a number, in conjunction with the above physical problems - emotionally is what will make or break a dog's future. (not including a terminal, uncontrolled disease - although attitude helps).   Sadly, her previous family went through a divorce and they didn't pay attention that Kaila was in such need (mental and physical pain).

 First up, was trying to pull this girl out of a depression.  So far, so good.  After a few days of my constantly telling her things would be OK - I think she finally accepted this fact <wink> Kaila was put on a special diet (Eukanuba Response F/P - fish and potatoes).  This diet did wonders for her skin and coat.  She had blood work done - all was healthy, so we decided to put her on Deramaxx for the arthritis.  Now this med isn't one to use lightly -but it has worked so well for her arthritis, it amazed me totally.  At that time, we were still trying to figure out why Kaila was constantly eating her paw, as it was totally gross upon intake. She was put on an antibiotic, as she had a habit of chewing her paw raw and this time around (being that no one paid attention in her previous life) - her paw pads were big time infected, along with being fused together (due to trauma

- as all feet pads/toes are fused together - but this icky foot, the pads became one totally across the bottom).  As the infection cleared, life was looking really good for this girl ;) The vet (and I) didn't think her 'eating' the foot was due to stress, but we were to keep a good watch as it didn't look 'right' even when the healing began. Well, as of last week, Kaila took a down turn with her health and we headed back to the vet, into

surgery on Tuesday.  The icky foot had become worse, it was feared that Kaila has cancer. The vet took several biopsies of the foot pad.  On a positive note, the vet said things looked healthy - but they would send the results to the lab for positive results.  Also - Kaila was scheduled for a dental - so we did blood work again (to see if she could hold up through the surgery) all was a go.  I knew ahead of time, that there was a needfor the dental - she would have one molar extracted, as this molar was so bad the root system was showing through the gum tissue. Kaila wouldn't ever chew her food and her gums were very icsh (is the only way to describe this).  During surgery, I got a call that Kaila

needed not only 1 tooth pulled - but 6 others were loose/dead and the tissue was very infected around the teeth, so they had to pull a total of 7 teeth.  They also had to do a gingivectomy - cutting off gum tissue, pulling/stitching healthy tissue down to hold the good teeth in place.  I have pics, btw - will try to get these scanned (somehow) for you all to see. (you will be shocked between the before and after pics). 

Kaila has been through a lot this week.  She stayed over at the vet office, to watch her carefully and to have fluids. Surgery took longer and was more stressed on Kaila and she needed help in recovery.   Surgery wiped her out...but she came through the ordeal like a trooper ;)  I picked her up, she was very ticked at me (wouldn't come near me for two days !) and she has been in a lot of pain. Her foot - well, 5 biopsy samples were taken from the foot (more stitches) so she is having a lot of pain getting up and down our stairs. (split level home).  Other than this..she is back to her old, sweet self and she is doing extremely well, for having a surgery of such. 

I am hoping after all, that her samples show no cancer.  Her blood work, skin/coat, heart, lungs, kidneys - well all of it is totally healthy these days, just like a young dog's is.  (per the vet).  Kaila has a lot to live for.  Wanted to update Kaila's situation to all of you - as she could use some doggie prayers these days.  Our vet has made comments that Kaila has made a total 180, that she will make someone happy for many years to come (pending the cancer).  IF she has cancer in her paw - they will remove the pad(s) and toe.

The vet has a positive outlook for her, as she is too darn healthy to quit on us now.  Thanks for listening.  If Kaila could talk, she would be saying 'woof rahhhhh, woof rahhhh'.  Without all the help from our MWCR membership, Kaila would have suffered a lonely, painful death.  I need to get together with the fundraising crew out there, as Kaila's bills are a lot more than MWCR can handle at present.  Any ideas on how we can find help ??  

 October 7 update:

Kaila was put on Prednisone (taken off the Deramaxx for a while) to help her foot heal.  Pretty good news - Kaila's preliminary biopsy showed no cancer, just tissue damage from self affliction.  So - with the prednisone, hopefully her foot will clear up totally (as it must itch - the report also mentioned dermatitis/allergy as possible cause).

Kaila is being fostered in LaCrosse, Wisconsin.





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