Harry - Adopted 10/03

Harry with his foster brother - Sgt. Pepper.    

Harry is a male 10 years old mahogany Collie, but is as active as our our 7 year old. He is current on shots and has just been groomed. He has a cyst on his back, but it not life threatening or causing any medical problems. Harry has been de-barked, which sounds like he has a hoarse voice. Harry is a mouthy Collie, but now that Harry has had more attention paid to him and is exercised daily his barking has gotten much less. He seems to bark to let you know he is there wanting some attention or have to go outside. He barks to greet you with his tail wagging and ears perked. He is simply one handsome fella with the most perfect ears. Harry's

Interests: Rolling in the grass, wrestling with foster dad, playing with his foster Collie brother, and his dental rawhide chews. He picks them up all his chews daily from all over the house and piles them neatly in place. He then sits down in front of them. Through out the day, they get scattered, but once a day he gathers them all up (usually after dinner). He loves children but seems to adore boys. He is a lap dog and big lover. Harry gets along well with other dogs, big and small. We do not know about cats. Our guess is after some adjustment time (more for the cat we think) that it would be fine. Harry likes being outside as much as being inside, but does not tolerate heat well so loves the shade.

Harry's Dislikes: He does not tolerate heat well including hair dryers. He does not play catch or chase after anything. He might trot for a treat, or to go greet another dog or neighbor child that has come over, but that is about it. He does not like to be sprayed by the hose, and barks at you to chew you out for doing that to him. Traits: Harry knows sit, come, and go potty, and when he wants to, he knows lie down and stay. Harry does not run off. When he is let outside he is not put on a leash and does not dash off or stray. (However, we are there to watch him)

Harry does very well on a leash when you walk him. He does not pull. Harry does not jump or nip, however circles, and barks when you don't give him enough attention or exercise or if someone new has entered in to the home as if to greet the person. He does not bark at doorbells and dash after the postman. He rides well in cars and does not get sick. He has no fear or anything that we can detect. Harry can be very over-ruling when it comes to you not petting him. He will put his face right in your hands until you pet him. And if you stop, he will take your entire arm in his mouth to urge to to do more. He NEVER bites down or Nips, or even leaves an imprint on your skin when he does this. It's more like he is trying to lead you along. Harry is not food aggressive at all; he's very comfortable with someone taking away his food. You can even take his most coveted love (a chew bone) right out of his mouth and he will cock his head and bark at you, as if he were chastising you for having the audacity to do such a thing. You can brush his teeth. He does not love it, but will not bite you.

He takes a bath very well, and is average about being brushed. The longer we have him, the more he is getting use to the idea that brushing is part of his daily life. If you meow at him like a cat, he cocks his head side to side and looks at you like you are crazy. Harry is very smart and can open sliding screen doors. Harry's bad habits (which all dogs have some): Harry could easily become a garbage digger, so you need to be sure to have a lid on your trash. We have broken this habit, but fair warning for you if you don't put a lid on your Kitchen trash. Unfortunately, Harry has picked up our dog's bad habits of begging for people food while at the dinner table. This we are working on by removing both dogs to another room while we eat. Harry is like a Mac Truck, and wants to be the first out the door when he has to go outside to go potty. So Step aside!

Harry would do well in a home with Children or other animals, where he will get a lot of attention and love. Harry wants love and attention more than anything else in the world. He really is a smart, loving, remarkable dog and would be great in just about any home. A fenced yard is not required for him. Chew bones are a must for him. He loves to be a lap dog.

Update: Harry: 7-30-03
We now have had Harry just under 1 month.  We thought he would be the dominate dog in the family at first, but he has proven that he would just rather sit in the shade and chew his bones.  With ears perked up and tail thumping he is one happy gentle soul. 
Harry has come a long way.  He no longer seems to show interest in the trash and no longer is the dinner-time food beggar.   His barking is much less and usually because he wants attention or because of our daily experience with the dog next door escaping, again, to come over to visit and do his job in our yard. (Harry wants to play) We continue to work with him on the barking.  Last night for the first time, we saw in his eyes a recognition to our command "Hush Hairy".  He actually flashed us a look of understanding, (like the light bulb just went on) and then stopped mid-bark.   
He eats (dry food) twice a day.  Harry is housetrained and has been left 11 hours un-caged without even 1 accident. He is not a dasher or a darter and comes when called,  thus Harry does not require a fence.  He walks excellent on leash. He knows and responds to come, sit and nope.  Harry is a camper like the rest of us and rides well in cars with no sickness.  Harry adapts to every situation we have exposed him to.  Harry loves attention.
As Harry is 10 years old, we would not suggest a home with small children as we have found that although Harry loves them, that they tend to jump on him, which is not good for his limbs.  Younger children are very active and run and chase after him, which Harry tries to keep up but Harry only trots.  Moderate exercise for Harry. 
Give Harry a chance.  His gentleness melts your heart.  His beauty makes other dogs looks sick in comparison. He is fun to take for a walk to show off as every time meet someone new, the comment is made about how handsome he is.   
If you want to just love a dog, and be loved back, Harry is the dog for you.   Chew bones, laps, kisses and hugs are a must for this handsome fella.

Harry is being fostered in the Twin Cities, MN.



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