Goldie - Adopted 9/03

Male 10 yrs.    

Goldie is a young 10 year old male that also rates a "10" for gentle attitude and loveability!  Goldie had been forced to spent his life living under a porch.  Initially, he was afraid of almost everything and would flinch when approached, but now he wags his tail enthusiastically and wants to be as close as possible to those who will give him attention!  He has been diagnosed with Lyme Disease, but with his course of antibiotics his movement and his energy is much improved.  He has a beautiful coat and his forehead sparkles with little diamond like gold flecks... perhaps that's how he got his name.  He is good around children and is getting used to cats.  Goldie is starting to know what "treats" are all about and he will play with a ball (I'm not sure if he ever had a toy.) 

Goldie is waiting for the right person or family to give him lots of love in his senior years, and I know he gives back as much as he receives!  It is said that just being with Goldie makes you feel more at peace with the world.

Goldie is being fostered near LaCrosse, WI.

Update 8/03:

Goldie is fitting right in as a wanted and loved part of a family!  He is still looking for just the right person or family to give him lots of love and he'll even sit in your lap to prove it!

Being converted from an outside to an inside dog has not been a problem, as Goldie has not had any "accidents" in the potty training department with diligence in getting him outside 3 or 4 times a day. 

He really looks forward to getting outside to run, go for a walk, or jump and play the "dodge the adult" game!  All this from a dog that should have come to us with more than a handfull of potential problems... but didn't.  His Lymes Disease seems to have responded well to treatment as he is moving better that we do most of the time!
as for adjusting to the cats??? They are all doing fine!

As for the neighborhood adults and kids and Goldie???  I think the neighbors are his foster families too, as he seems to have won a few hearts in our neck of the woods



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