Everest - Adopted 6/21/03


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Enjoying the Outdoors Makes me tired... Big Yawn !

Everest is a neutered male Collie that is approximately 5-6 years old. He came into rescue from a shelter in Wisconsin, where he would greet everyone who came to the door. Everest is up to date with routine vaccinations and is already house trained.

His face is a little off-center due to an injury he had prior to coming into the shelter but the Vet concluded that Everest does not have any pain in his jaw, and he does not have any trouble eating.

Everest is good with children and other dogs.  He likes to play fetch, is very cuddly and has a very sweet personality. He is a nice walking companion, and does like to rest on the couch.

Latest Updates from Everest's foster mom:


Poor Everest just can't catch a break! The evening after the Canine Carnival at the Wildlife Science Center, Everest began refusing his food. When he did finally eat, he vomited the next day. Per the vet's instructions, I fasted Everest and started a bland diet, but he vomited again. Everest's wonderful vet immediately ran tests and determined Everest had pancreatitis (inflammation of the pancreas) and tested positive for Lyme disease.


At the Canine Carnival, Everest was given a couple of bites of pizza crust, and the vet believes Everest may have had a pork reaction to traces of pepperoni in the crust. Some dog breeds are susceptible to a pork reaction, although it is less common in Collies. Everest was treated with subcutaneous fluids and IV antibiotics and should be back to eating his regular food in the next 3 days. The Lyme disease is being treated with antibiotics. Since dogs can have Lyme disease for a long time before they show obvious symptoms, the vet strongly recommended an annual Lyme test.


Luckily, both of Everest's conditions are treatable, and he has been a very good patient (of course everyone at the vet thinks he is such a sweet boy). Because he has a sensitive stomach, Everest needs a forever home where he won't have access to garbage, pet food left out for other animals (e.g. cats) or table scraps (even though Everest has mastered the art of begging)!



Everest had an exciting afternoon with the wolves at the Wildlife Science Center on Saturday. The wolves became very excited to see Everest, but not much reaction out of mellow Everest. He was more interested in getting in as much petting from children and adults alike, and meeting and greeting all the cute dogs that came his way.



Everest had dental surgery today and he's resting comfortably at home now.


The Doctor had to remove 7 teeth in all!  Poor Everest, but I'm sure he'll be much more comfortable now.  Soft food until he heals.  He also had some teeth filed down for bite correction so his teeth don't hit his soft palate anymore. 


Everest's teeth don't need to be checked for another year.





As Everest develops more trust, a very playful side of his personality is starting to emerge! He loves to play with toys, and would really like to play with my Shelties, but they're a little intimidated by his size, and Everest is respectful of this.

When we were at the vet for his exam, Everest was very excited to see some bigger dogs. He responds well to adults and children, but really comes to life when he is with men, and likes playing physically with them.

Everest's pre-screen results at the vet were great. His dental work is being done next week, and then he'll be in good shape. Based on his health, the vet estimated his age at 5 or 6. He is an absolute angel-a very easy-to-please, easy-to-care-for dog. He gets lots of compliments on his manners, pleasant personality & handsome appearance!



Everest is a big sweetheart!  He has a very calm, sweet, loving disposition.  He loves attention and affection, and gets very excited when I lavish him with exuberant praise.  He responds to the following commands: "sit", "stay", "come", "down", and "shake" (for treats).  He walks very well on a leash, and although he shows interest in squirrels we see on our walks, he does not lunge or attempt to chase them.  He would love to play with my Shelties, but since they are intimidated by his size (compared to them), he is respectful of their warnings.  Everest is not a large Collie-a nice size at 60 pounds.  He is very easy to groom and so far has not shed excessively.  His warm greeting when I return home touches my heart, and he will make a wonderful friend to a loving adopter.

More pictures of Everest

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Everest at Play Everest loves his toys!

Everest at the Scottish Fair

with Estelle, his Foster Mom

and Mel, MWCR's

Adoption Coordinator


 Everest was fostered in Shoreview, MN.


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