Ernie - Adopted 1/25/03

Ernie is a 6 year old tri-colored, smooth Collie boy who is craving some love, attention, and stability.  Ernie is an owner-surrender, due to some life's circumstances that forces his owner to give him up. 

Ernie was bred for the conformation show ring, and he decided he would rather be a pet, so he was retired from the ring and has been de-barked.  He would love some obedience training, as he has never had the opportunity to do fun things like this. 

He wants to learn things so badly. He is extremely well-behaved, good with cats, other dogs, absolutely loves children, uses his crate for security, paces when nervous, walks very well on a leash. He enjoys being groomed.

Latest Updates:


Thanks for the correspondence. I have been having a great time with Ernie. So far he has been a delight and won't leave my side. He follows me everywhere I go in the house and seems to be enjoying the walks, but doesn't like the cold snow on his paws. Occasionally he'll pick up a paw and fake a limp, I am sure its the cold because he alternates the limping paws from one time to the next. Unfortunately he hasn't got the schedule down yet and has pooped in his crate both times I left him alone. I'm pretty impressed in his willingness to go to his crate just the same. I'll just give the crate a tap and he walks right in. Ernie has been sleeping on the floor next to the bed and then finds his way to the crate in the middle of the night. You were right about one thing... I cant keep him off the couch and don't mind as he is so affectionate and I enjoy his company so much. I think I'll let him roam the house when I'm at work once he proves he knows that I set the schedule for potty time.

I'll send you some photo's soon. Thanks for everything.

Ernie was fostered in Minneapolis, MN.


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