Bear  This Collie has Special Needs  Adopted 11/03

We think Bear is around 10 years old.

Bear is the name he was given by his foster mom as he looks like a big black bear when he walks along.  He came to rescue from a shelter in Wisconsin where he was brought as a stray.  He was diagnosed at the shelter of Lymes disease and treated with medication.  When Bear first came to his foster home he laid away from all the other dogs and his foster mom too. After a bath and groom and a few hugs he started to come out of his shell more and more.  Now he looks forward each day to when his foster mom comes home and they go to the dog park or for a walk and have a good dinner. Bear has a bit of stiffness in his hind legs, but seems to really enjoy the
exercise.  He does very well in the car and really likes to ride.  He is also at least partially if not mostly deaf but he responds to hand signals very well. He watches for signals of what you are saying.  He is a very gentle collie boy and would make a very good companion.  He is very quiet and loves to get hugs and give a very special kiss once in a while to hisfoster mom.     He does fine with the other dogs and cats in his foster home. 

Bear is up to date on shots, neutered and is Heartworm Negative. 

October Update:

Bear being deaf cannot hear if you call him and depends on sight and you to sign to him.  He can not know to move if something comes at him unless he is looking.  During the days when I am at work, I let him be in my bedroom gated off from the rest as I don't want him to have to deal with the other dogs' wild play or whatever it is they do when I am not there.   I guess I feel he needs special love and protection as he is doing so much better but still has health issues.  I think he is better as he feels safe here and is getting better food and lots of hugs.

Bear sleeps so much sometimes you have to make him get up and then he will go out, do his business and come back in take a drink of water and lay back down and sleep.

Bear is being fostered near Madison, WI.