Asher - Adopted 5/16/03

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  Day of Intake  
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  After first Grooming  
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  Making himself at home  

Asher came into foster having never been inside a home. At first, he wanted to go out where he thought he belonged. It didn't take long before he realized the comfort of human attention and love was going to be his.

In a few short days, he learned how to "sit".  He presently is working towards learning simple commands and house rules.  He has a strong desire to please his human family.

Asher is beautiful, loving and well behaved.  He is happiest when he can be near his foster parents.  He loves to be talked to and loved in every way. Asher resides with 5 other family pets, 1 dog and 4 cats.  He gets along wonderfully well with all.  He is a special pal to dog, Boomer.

Asher has been exposed to 3 and 5 year old children.  He was kind and gentle with them.  With consistency, training and plenty of love, Asher will be a perfect family member.

Update from Asher's foster mom:


Asher just gets better and better!  What a prize this Collie boy will be to the lucky family who adopts him.  He has transitioned nicely to his human family.  He has become tightly bonded to his canine part of the family.  He would benefit greatly by having a canine companion.  He is a bit possessive of his chews but gladly shares all other toys.  He is playful and loves life.

He is almost completely housetrained and rarely has an accident.  When he has had an accident,  it is through no fault of his own.  He has chewed a couple items when left unattended.

He is not a barker at all.  A real plus.   The only time he barks is when his canine friend barks otherwise he is very quiet and minds his own business.

He adores children.  He walks proudly and without pulling on lead.  He rides well in the car but sometimes will hesitate getting in.  He is crate trained but prefers to be out in the milieu.  He has not demonstrated any fear of loud noises, cars, motorcycles, the vacuum cleaner or bicycles.  He has not been thunderstorm tested. 

Asher is obedient, friendly and good with all animals.  He is definitely easy going and social.   He is yard trained but never goes outside unsupervised.  He has never strayed out of the yard.

Asher has become the friend we can brag about!


Asher has settled into his foster home very nicely. He is fully vetted. He is quite the lovable kind of guy. He wags his tail even when he is being corrected. Happy, happy, happy boy!!

He loves to go for walks and play with his stuffed animals. He has endless energy while playing with his canine companion. He greets people with gentleness and a big grin. He follows his foster mom most everywhere she goes, loving to be petted and spoken to. He actually thinks he might be a lap dog! He is showing success with crate training and knows his yard boundaries. He has mastered several basic commands. He is nearing completion with house training and seldom has an accident.

This boy would like nothing better than to find his "forever home" Asher deserves someone who has lots of love to share. He is a special kind of guy who understands what it means "to be loved" finally.

Asher was fostered in Barneveld, WI.


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