Shelby - Adopted 11/03



Shelby is a 10 month old female.  She is still recovering from her spay.  Shelby was in a shelter in Northern MN.

At the shelter it was first thought it was that Shelby had hip dysplasia, but an x-ray revealed  "Based on film, hip confirmation appears good.  However, because she is still young and developing yet, you might want to recheck her hips in the future as she matures."  The vet tech did say that Shelby has a odd gait when she walks (that is rather obvious) and that she should not be let to get overweight.  Despite her negative diagnosis of hip dysplasia,  the Dr. says Shelby's hind quarters aren't quite perfect and a trim physique will help reduce strain on the joints."

Shelby's foster mom says that Shelby is definitely a puppy still, lots of energy!!  She knows her name but that is about it, very lacking on manners.  I get the impression that her previous owners did not spend much time with her or work with her at all!! She seems starved for attention, and wants to please, but just doesn't know how.  She is doing great with the cats and dogs, especially my male.  My girls are less than impressed with her presence, but that's to be expected.  She jumps up on people, but seems to be pretty house broken.  I think with the proper training she will be a wonderful dog, she is very sweet.  I feel bad for her, it seems her previous owner gave her no guidance what so ever, and you can tell that she is craving it.

October 7 Update

Shelby is doing absolutely wonderful here!  She gets along well with all of my dogs and cats and has the sweetest temperament.  We just love her!  She is fully house trained and has had no accidents, and has been left alone in the house and has not been destructive at all. 
We have tried crating her, and I don't think that she has been crate trained in the past, because she doesn't seem very fond of it.  I don't really see any reason for crating her.   She is eating well, had some soft stools from changing foods, but they are normal now. 
We walk 3 miles each night and she isn't too bad on a leash, still has lots of that puppy energy, but once she is worn out she does settle down. 
The only thing she knows is her name, and she does come on command, but I haven't found any other commands that she understands. 
She is very insistent that she sleeps in bed with me at night,  and none of my other dogs want to sleep with me:(  I get the impression that may have been where she slept with her previous home and that is what she is used to.
We have a 6 and 4 foot fence in our yard, and she has not shown any signs that she might even attempt to jump the fence.  When she is in the yard she barks occasionally, but nothing too annoying.  She mainly just copies my dogs and barks at what they bark at.
She is interested in the cats, and will follow them around, but is never aggressive, and does not chase them.  Plus, my cats are used to be herded through the house, so they are kind of unfazed by her.
She has had no problems with any of our stairs, and has been fine around loud noises such as the lawn mower.
Overall, I have not noticed any weird quirks or behavioral issues that should be addressed.  She is a sweet, adorable, loving ,pup that just needs someone to love her forever, and bring her to obedience.

Shelby is being fostered in the Twin Cities, MN







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