Lukas - Adopted 10/03




Lukas is a sable & white male Collie that was recently surrendered to MWCR.   He will be 7 years old in August, 2003.   Lukas weighs 54 pounds and for a Collie of his size and structure, his ideal weight will be 60 pounds.  He was kept outside but this is one very sweet Collie boy who just wants to be with people.  Lukas has an all white chest and forelegs.

 Lukas has tested positive for heartworm so he is currently undergoing treatment.  This will be about a 4 month program.   Throughout all of the testing, poking, and prodding, Lukas remained calm,  gentle, and trusting.  He can not be neutered until he tests negative for heartworm at the end of the treatment period.

 The little  heart next to his name means that Lukas has Special Needs.  Due to the fact that Lukas is being treated for heartworm he must be kept very quiet and get plenty of rest.  Even after treatment is completed and the heartworms are gone, Lukas may not have the stamina to be as active as other Collies his age. 

Lukas is very social, loves to be with people all the time, enjoys being an inside Collie boy, and is finding out that cats are well, cats!  He hasnít quite figured out what to do about them.  He gets along well with our other 2 Collie girls but doesnít know how to play.  This may be a good thing, because he needs to be kept quiet, calm, and get plenty of rest during his heartworm treatment.

 We find Lukas so irresistibly sweet in nature and disposition.  For being so owner neglected, he immediately relished being walked on lead, responds to recall, sit, and stay commands with just a few practice sessions.  He is not food, toy, or treat aggressive.

 Our Vet office & Staff just think Lukas is marvelous.  He just seems to understand that finally there are many humans who care about him and are trying to heal his broken body, soul, and spirit.  And there are!

Update on Lukas - 8/03:

He lives with 2 cats and is very cat friendly. Nothing seems to instigate a reaction of concern (no problem with the vacuum, lawn tractor, visitors, doorbells, vet visits, etc). He does not bark! Isn't that amazing?! He is one sweet, docile, social and very lovable Collie boy. Almost too good to be true! We keep looking for
negatives and to date, he is just too awesome for words! How can he be so sweet when he led his first 7 years, alone, outside and
neglected? He is eating like a horse now and this is a far cry from when he first came and would eat hardly anything. His owner stated
on her Owner Surrender sheet that asks what he was fed - "whatever".
Well, he is eating a great deal of "whatever" now and it ain't "whatever"! Loves to go for rides in our trucks . . .doing well on lead & understands basic commands,is crate & house trained,no counter surfing or jumping on people, no real prey drive and yet a "personality" of pleasure.

He is wanting to play and run like a Collie boy should be able to do. But he still must be curtailed in his activity until we are
cleared by the vet. He has a re-check on 9/16 and another blood draw for HW and T4 (thyroid panel). Lukas has been an absolute trooper
thru his HW treatment and should be named Braveheart! He is quite a remarkable Collie to say the least - so loving, very soft-mouth,
kind & gentle. He would do well in any home - with or without children, with or without a canine companion, with or without cats,
with or without a fenced in yard . . . . 

9/19/03 update - good news!

Lukas had his 2 week check up from his "double whammy" Immiticide HW treatment this past Tuesday. His blood was drawn for microfilaria and
    Results: Negative for Microfilaria
        Normal - thyroid

Lukas goes back at the end of this month for a final post HW check up. If all is still going well, he will get the go ahead to begin to "run with the
BIG boys". But, that will be halted as he will then be scheduled for his "snip-snip" and teeth cleaning.

A huge thank you to the Animal Hospital of Chetek veterinarians and staff who have professionally, expertly, compassionately and with much TLC have
treated Lukas (and gotten us) through his heartworm treatments. AHC has educated us through Lukas' ordeal regarding HW.

Thank you MWCR for being there when Lukas needed to be saved and did not have too much time left without being treated. He has just been a trooper
through all of this and a real dandy Collie boy! Is this great news or what!?

One happy foster Mom here!
Lukas was fostered in Chetek, WI.







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