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Major is a very loving and extremely affectionate Tri-colored Collie.  He was rescued from a shelter in Wisconsin. He was emaciated at 40 lbs (a normal weight for him would be 65-70 lbs), his fur was dull and brittle, his teeth worn from chewing on something... like metal bars? so we aren't sure of his true age and are estimating seven years.  At some point in his life he must have been in an accident because he has a pin in his left back leg. Despite his crooked gait he can run... FAST!  He does not let this handicap prevent him from jumping in or out of vehicles and he loves to ride in the car, nor does it stop him from going up and down stairs.  Also, when we picked him up we discovered that he had been de-barked. De-barking is a surgical procedure in which the vocal cords are cut. The result is that when a dog "barks" only a rasp comes out and it sounds a bit like a cough.

Major is very sweet and would so much like to have people of his very own.  He loves to run and play with other dogs and is great with cats.  He absolutely loves to go on walks and sniff and sniff and mark every tree. He positively bounces with glee at having personal attention, whether it's grooming or being taken for a walk.  Major would not do well off-leash in an unfenced area, but he adores going to the fenced in dog park. He is very good on leash and prances when he walks because he is so happy to be out in the world.  He only pulls when he sees another dog or needs more time to sniff a great scent.

Major is considered a "special needs" dog because he is terrified of thunder and must be sedated during particularly loud storms. He paces and scratches at the door to get away from the sound. He is better if he is close to someone and crated to feel safe. He is also very frightened by firecrackers and should never be left outside unattended (even in a fenced situation) during fireworks or if someone is lighting firecrackers nearby. He would panic and do whatever he could to escape the sound.

Someone in Major's past did something to make Major skittish of any sudden movements over his head, so he should always be approached from under the collar unless he is aware of what you are doing. He is very "mouthy" and will mouth your ankles when he is feeling frisky and playful. He has learned not to do this when he is told a firm "no". Sometimes Major fears going outside alone at night, even into a fenced yard, but is very happy to go out when his leash is brought out and he has human company.

Major loves to be petted so much that he completely relaxes into your side when you pet him. His fur is becoming very soft and shiny now that he has had good nutrition for several months. He now weighs about 55 lbs., but still needs to gain at least 15-20 more lbs.

Even though Major has a pin in his leg, he can run very fast. We are trying to keep him from overdoing as I think his leg gets a bit stiff from over-exercising. He has such spirit and love in his eyes. He is very happy to be with someone almost all the time and will follow you from room to room. A quiet home with someone who is home quite a bit would be the best place for Major. He is not afraid of children, but too much noise and commotion in the home situation make him nervous. He will thrive and blossom with love, attention and affection in the right home environment.


Latest Updates:



Okay, here are a few quick pictures of Major et al., in the soon-to-be sunroom and backyard.


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My sunny back yard Playing with Gracie Do you see the Cat?!?!

As I type this you'll never guess who is laying right under my feet--Major himself. I must say it was difficult to get pictures of him because he kept coming over to me...but once he and Gracie started to play or he was going to the bathroom, it got easier. I think I made a big mistake with Major last week--I taught him how to climb up onto the bed...the oaf, takes up more than his third! He also has an interesting habit of laying his head on the pillow next to mine...Gracie tends to stay near the bottom, but when the two of them begin to stretch out during the night, I either find myself on the edge of the bed or in some contortionist position. But, everyone seems happy this that's what counts.


My next door neighbor continues to comment on how striking Major is....she says Gracie is interesting, doesn't care for cats, but just gushes about Major! He's definitely a keeper!!!!


Well, I want to get these pictures sent off, since I thought I would have them to you yesterday! Now that I have found my camera, I will be able to send more!


Take care & hope all is well with you!






I have been having some computer problems at home--I've added one too many "things" onto my system and have crashed it...will try to recover it this weekend.


BUT, most importantly...Major is doing great!!  He is a wonderful dog!!!  He and Gracie are getting along just fine.  We had our first snow 2 days ago and Major was thrilled.  I am having a sunroom/addition put on my house and was a little concerned about how the loud noises might affect Major, but he has been fine...he likes to stay near the workmen...who also really like him!  Gracie, of course, is upstairs asleep in my bed getting her beauty sleep.


The only concern I have is that Major doesn't seem to like to be brushed..I think I now own every type of comb/brush they have and he still doesn't like you have any tips??


I loved your Christmas card!  I am terrible with cards and still working on sending out ones from 1999.


Well, it is quite cold here, but that doesn't seem to bother the dogs, except Gracie's feet seem to get cold on walks.


I just wanted to get an update to you before you thought we had disappeared from the face of the earth!


Take care and I hope all is well with you and your family!



Update 11/4/02:

Major would do best if he were adopted to a family that has another dog or dogs.  He has progressed immensely with socialization.  I think that he had been very stressed when he first came into rescue but now he's finally settled in and relaxed.  At first, he was very aloof with the other dogs and now he plays with them constantly.  Even today while I was raking leaves I threw sticks for them.  Major, Persy  and the girls were playing keep away and tug with the sticks.  I went in to get my camera and realized that it is at work.  Drat!   Would have been great pictures too! 

Major started out barely eating 2 cups of food per day and now he's almost doubled that, so he's really doing well.  I have gotten many comments on how beautiful he is.  His recall has improved as well.  He's not ready to hang out unleashed, but I've been giving him little tests and he's decided that he'd like to stay (unfortunately, I'm afraid that he's bonded too much so may have a difficult transition).  This is a perfect time of year for him to be adopted so the thunderstorm problem should be pretty much done until spring.  When he bonds with his new owner, it will help the thunderstorm stress too.

I would recommend a fenced yard for him.  He needs to be able to run. Now that he's gotten some flesh on him and some muscle tone, he REALLY likes to run.  He's so fast!  His eyes have lost that sunken look as well.   He does enjoy walks, but he will need to run to work off his excess energy.


Major has made some a nice transformation in some important ways.  I think now that he has relaxed into our household that he very much enjoys being around the other dogs.  At first he didn't seem to care about the other dogs, but now he and Persy play tug of war with a soft toy.  It's pretty cute!  He also likes to chase the other dogs at the dog park.   When Persy wasn't feeling well over the weekend Major was giving him kisses on his nose.  It was so sweet!  Major is still very much wanting attention from people, but I think that given time he would do very well with a mellow, non-dominant dog.

Major has also made an improvement with storms.  Recently we had a terribly violent thunderstorm come through while I was at work.  I didn't realize it in time to make it home before it started.  I was afraid that something would be destroyed when I finally got there.  Tasha was the only one to meet me at the door.  Daisy wouldn't come out of the basement, Persy was hiding under the basement stairs and I couldn't find Major.   He was upstairs in my bedroom in the closet, but he wasn't freaking out as much as Daisy and Persy!  Maybe he's beginning to trust us?  I think that will improve when he gets into a home and bonds with someone who adores him as much as he adores people.  He loves to give sloppy kisses.  Especially when I am fresh out of the shower!  Yeek!

I haven't had Major weighed lately, but he's beginning to get some meat on his bones and people don't comment on his being so skinny anymore  (Apparently I know how to fatten them up??).

Major was fostered in Minneapolis, MN.


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