Jo Jo - Now Joey - Adopted 9/28/02

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Joey & Sam, Mom & Dad

Jo Jo is a 4 year old Sable and White neutered Collie male with rich mahogany coloring.  He is very quiet (has not barked once in the four weeks he's been with us), intelligent, and eager to please.  He should trim out at about 70 lbs.

He is just now learning to take treats from your hand, walk on a lead, and to play with other Collies.  He is very social, gentle in nature, likes cats, other dogs, and children. 

He rides well in a car, is house trained, and crate trained .  Jo Jo thinks it's especially nice to have his very own food dish!  Probably for the first time in his life!

Latest Updates and Photos:

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Joey is great! We already love him bunches : ) I miss him when I'm at work. Yesterday I was thinking I'd really like to have a couple of days at home with them.


He's teaching Sam to play in the yard, and he enjoys playing with Muffin, too.


This week I'd been walking Sam first, then getting Joey out & taking him for a walk (then they both ate). This morning I walked them both together and they did fine. Joey is more lively than Sam, but it was ok. Maybe Sam will get in better shape from the activity.


He's eating best when we put his bowl on the towel in front of his table. He's a bit unsure about eating from the table, though he drinks water from it just great. He's eaten full meals twice a day each day.


Sunday he's going to see the groomer. I look forward to his coat changing as he continues to get healthier & healthier. It's already getting softer, it seems to me.


Sam had his heartworm & Frontline today, so I'll get Joey his Frontline Plus. He needs to see the vet and get his records going with them. We'll probably get him in next week, if not sooner.


Talk to you soon...



Joey was adopted by a wonderful family that includes an 8 yr old Collie brother named Sam and a beautiful cat named Muffin.


For the longest time, Joey never barked.  He never barked once while he was in foster care.  His new family recorded his bark and then called his foster family to share it with them.  And we want to share that with you here.

 Click on me and I'll sing you a song! (mp3 format) 


 This is Joey's  favorite little toy.

 Squeeze it, and it sings

 "Who Let The Dogs Out"

Click on the .wav or .mp3 files below to listen to the various recordings.  Some files are large so please be patient.

Who Let The Dogs Out (.mp3 format)

Who Let The Dogs Out (.wav format) 

Joey's bark (.mp3 format)  

Joey's bark (.wav format)

Who Let The Dogs Out & Joey's bark (.mp3 format)

Who Let The Dogs Out & Joey's bark (.wav format)


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Jo Jo was fostered in Chetek, WI.


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