Baby - Adopted 4/16/02

Baby is a 7 month old Sable Collie male puppy.  He is very new into rescue and more information will be available as soon as his foster home has more time for an evaluation.

Latest Updates:

Fiona writes in anticipation of adopting Baby:

Hi Lorrie Just a few ?'s.  How does Baby sleep, I have been looking at beds for him, does he sleep in a ball or lay out on his side? Also tell me again exactly what food he eats.  Tell me what toys he likes, I know you said nylabone but does he like squeaker toys or the kongs.  has he had the booda velvets at all.  Also if you could recommend grooming tools for him, I can be ready.  We are very excited to have him as a new member of our family.  I'm hopefully going to go shopping soon so if you can email me back when you have the chance i would appreciate it. Thanks so much Love Fiona and the gang

Baby was fostered in Richfield, MN.


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