Jake -Now Asa - Adopted 3/30/02

Jake is a happy 2 year old neutered male Blue Merle collie.  Jake has one blue eye and one brown eye.  Jake came from an owner who loved him but had to give him up due to unexpected family changes. 

He has been loved and cared for by his former owners. Jake is great with other dogs, cats, kids and people.  Jake would not make a good watch dog because he just loves people.  He is house broken, well behaved and likes to sleep next to the bed.  He rides well in the car and walks good on a lead. He is playful and loves to tell you about it by "talking" Collie talk.  He has quite a bit to say when excited! 

Jake loves to be brushed and scratched and likes attention!  Jake needs a new family who will love him and give him the time and attention he so deserves.  He would make a great running companion and would do well in agility or obedience training.

Latest Updates:

I absolutely love Jake (who will now be Asa, as you know). He is a very wonderful guy. I can't believe anybody could give him up.  He is fitting in very well - such a gentleman with the cats (one of whom doesn't realize that yet and is still in "hide" mode!). Heidi is still stressed, but I see definite progress there, and everything will be fine with a little more time. I am so excited about him.....he is wonderful!  Thanks....

Hi Lorrie!

Just thought I'd update you on Jake. He is now crashed on the  couch, and Heidi is crashed on "her" doggie floor bed. All has gone well.

Jake is a very, very good guy.....who also never had to do many stairs,  apparently. After he met Heidi in the back yard, he balked totally at coming  in the back door, no matter how we coaxed him. Couldn't figure out what the  problem was, at all! So took him in the front way, no problem at all.

Then he explored the whole house, but wouldn't step a foot in the kitchen. At all.   So, with a LOT of coaxing, putting rugs down, etc., we finally got him to  walk through the kitchen, and get comfortable with that. I think the whole  room scared him after he initially saw those stairs, maybe they looked too  dark to him, there's no light there. Then, to go out the back door, plus back in, took another huge round of coaxing, watching Heidi do it, etc., but he finally mastered that just fine. Then, a long while later, I worked with him to get him up the upstairs stairs, which he finally did - he had trouble getting up them till he figured it out - now he's ok with in and out, up to the bedroom, etc. Hasn't tried the basement stairs yet, after his big day, he can certainly wait on that - He's met Bisket, and was real good when Bisket hissed at him. Heidi is being good, too, territorial, but not overly so. SO......now I'm going to collapse along with the dogs, and I'll talk to you tomorrow.....


Jake was fostered in Richfield, MN.


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