Abigail (Abby) - Adopted 2/18/02

Abby was adopted by a great family in Minnesota who have a small hobby farm for her to exercise on. She will have new kids to herd and also other horses, cats, and dogs to love.

Abby is a spayed 3 year old tricolor female. She gets along well with other dogs and has not had much exposure to cats but is friendly with them. She is very sweet, friendly with strangers, and attentive. Abby loves to go for walks and play "chase me" with other dogs. She is an owner surrender and comes from a home with children. Abby would do well in an active home where she would get lots of exercise to help her lose some of her excess weight. Abby is fully housetrained.

Latest Updates:

Abby got over her sneezing, and is doing just fine. We love her so much and are so very grateful for her. My folks have commented many times on how they can't believe what a nice dog she is, and that's alot coming from them. I've even brought her to work with me to interact with the disabled gentlemen I take care of, she did great and they enjoyed her. I should have some pictures coming soon. Bought a handy dandy sprayer that attaches to shower head to hose off her muddy feet and legs after we go out and do chores. I tell her to hop in the tub and she does it without any type of protest. Amazing. She's having a ball with her new doggie brother and sister and jealousy has not been a problem. Even the cat is used to her now and doesn't run up the tree. Ha Ha.I have not received any shot records as of yet, hope they didn't get lost in the mail or anything.

Thanks again,


Well things are going just great. Abby went to her first of 3 school show and tells. The kids in the class thought she was pretty awesome. She made me proud, and was picture perfect. Abby shook hands with every kid in the class! Everyone who meets this dog just loves her and comments on how beautiful she is.

Abby acts like she has been here all her life! She made herself right at home and is adored by all. She is the best dog and more than I could have ever hoped for. Abby loves to be outside running around, very cautious around the horses but they all are getting used to each other and Abby stays out of their way. Speaking of the kids, she wakes them up in the morning for school, and has been playing soccer with them. The kids are anxious to take her to show and tell. My Dad stopped in today for  a visit and liked her very much, which is saying alot because he's very hard to impress. She is so much like the collie I had as a kid and that brings back so many happy memories. So a big thank you to all at MWCR.

Abby was fostered in Waukesha, WI.


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