Toni - Now Lucky - Adopted 11/16/01

Toni was adopted by a great family in Elmhurst, IL.

Toni is a 6-12 month old rough Sable/White collie puppy. She was found with her Mom, 4 sisters and brother wandering in a farmers field. Since coming into rescue she has blossomed beautifully. She is 90% housetrained and is utd on shots, spayed and micro chipped. Toni has learned food is plentiful and loves to be loved. She is quiet and thoughtful. She is one to sit and size up company and make up her mind if she wants to say hi. When brought in she was severely abused and about 10 lb. underweight. She has gained weight and is not fearful of people anymore. She loves children and other dogs. Toni walks nicely on a leash, and is learning sit, down and stay. She is a quick learner and is eager to please.

Latest Updates:


Dear Lorrie:


My name is Kathy and I adopted Toni (now Lucky) in November, 2001 from Oostburg, WI. She is one of the pups listed on your website that were found in a cornfield in Wisconsin. I would like to update you on her condition. My two sons and I drove from Elmhurst Illinois to Oostburg Wisconsin after hearing about the collies there up for adoption. After meeting Lucky we were able to take her home right away. I was a little leery at first because I thought there was a lengthy adoption procedure and found out at the kennel that I would be able to take her right then. I was not set up at home for a dog and had no idea what to expect even from the ride back to Elmhurst.


After a trip to PETCO, we seemed to be settled in for the night and everything went well. Lucky didn't even bark for an entire week after we got her and I figured she probably had her barker removed. But eventually she became better adjusted. Right around the same time she began peeing all over the house. She had no way of telling us, or was too afraid to, that she wanted to go out so it was hit or miss. She started showing signs of submissiveness by cowering her head whenever she walked passed us into the house. She would never eat if someone was in the same room with her. This must have been extremely frustrating for her since our entire first floor has an open floor plan and it is hard to hide. She also refused to go upstairs or downstairs. My children wanted so badly that she sleep in their beds with them that my husband had to physically carry her up the stairs to their bedroom, and she would "wet her pants" at the top of the landing, then run back down.


Eventually she started to trust us and decided that she wanted to be where we were whether up or downstairs in the basement. My only concern now is that she still cowers all the time. In fact, my friends make fun of her because she will bark at them then cower and back up at the same time. Even when I pass out treats she will except them but she lowers her head as if she is afraid of being hit. We have had her for exactly one year now and she is a wonderful dog. We just want her to know that whatever happened to her in the past is over and that food and treats will be plentiful for the rest of her life. I would like to know if she will always be fearful of people or will this eventually be erased from her memory. I will send current pictures of Lucky shortly.



Toni was fostered in Fon du Lac, WI.


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